Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino that is loved by all the gamblers on the planet. But like any other casino game, loving it and winning at it are two different things, however, there are some ways someone can win easily. These tips are:

The release point

Every roulette dealer has his/her own signature release of the ball onto the spinning table, but after a few releases, a good player will always notice that the croupier releases the ball in the same fashion and at the same position. Once you determine this, predicting the slot in which the ball will settle in gets easier.

Initial ball speed

The velocity of the ball at the point of release is very crucial and could affect the final destination of the ball. When a keen player observes the croupier for a while and determines the speed of the ball, he/she can use a stopwatch to calculate the length of one revolution and with that, the rest just clicks in.


Everything that goes up must always come down, so is everything that is released in the air. When a player knows the position in which the ball is released and the initial velocity, he/she is able to determine the exact area of the wheel where the ball will enter. When gravity takes over, telling which slot will end up with the ball becomes child’s play.

Initial speed of the wheel

Another equally important factor to consider in the calculations is the speed of the wheel. The wheel spins in the opposite direction to the one taken by the ball, as it spins in that way, it reduces the velocity of the ball until a point where the ball stops spinning. Being able to tell when the wheel starts affecting the speed of the ball can improve your chances of knowing where the ball will eventually stop.