Winning big at the casino is not an impossible task as many may come to believe. Most people get discouraged very quickly when it comes to playing at the slot machines because they believe that they are relying on a game of pure chance. The reality, however, is that you can actually control your chances of winning and therefore, increase your chances of beating the machine. To pull off this feat, you only need 3 main things:

A steady bankroll that you can afford to lose

To win something that is considered big by the casino, you need to bet starting from $1 upwards. The more the stake, the higher the returns, so rather than lose 100 games where you stake pennies and eventually walk out tired and without anything in your pocket, just bet a bigger amount that will bring you bigger returns if you happen to hit the jackpot. Betting big helps a player get good combinations early on in the game rather than try many different bets that will only leave you frustrated and tired.

Lady luck

Sometimes all you may need at the slot machines is some lady luck. You may come there armed with the best strategy ever but things could still refuse to go your way, but sometimes, luck may be by your side and once you find it, go all out before you lose all your bankroll. And once you realise you are on a winning spree, do not over-indulge in it or you will get into trouble with the house. You must know when to leave and walk away with what you have won so far.


Personal discipline is vital; it could be the difference between winning and losing everything. Knowing when to stop and how much to bet can save you from a lot of frustration, so always be disciplined in the casino.

Remember to play with responsibility!