To be able to win and earn a sum somewhere in the region of $100,000 a year by playing blackjack is not that far-fetched, as many would want to assume, it is actually possible if you know the right moves and tricks to use while playing. So, how does one manage to beat the house in the game of blackjack?

These simple tricks include placing larger bets when a favourable situation arises, like when you have an edge over the house and placing smaller bets when you don’t have the edge.

You must also learn basic things like knowing when the right time to hit a 16 comes and when you are not supposed to place bets, a player stands to win if he/she hits a 16 when the dealer has a 7 or a card of higher value than that. If the dealer has a card lower than 7, you need to stand down and wait for the next turn.

You also need to understand the subtle art of card counting; this allows you enough room to be able to calculate your chances when you have an edge over the house, so that you can raise your bet to match the edge.

A smart player will alternate their bets from one unit in the event when the house has an advantage and to four units when he/she gains an edge over the house.

You also need to learn how to avoid the attention of the house. No casino in the world loves a gambler who keeps on winning, and to avoid this kind of scrutiny, always play in different areas of the house, wear clothes that do not stand out, make your play sessions short, avoid drinking while at the tables, vary your bets and spread them in an irregular manner so as to divert scrutiny and most of all, walk away as soon as you feel like the house is onto you.