Blackjack is one of the most popular games you will find in a casino. People love it because it not only offers them an opportunity to make some quick money, but it is also a fun way of spending time. Like chess, it demands a lot of strategical thinking which makes it challenging enough to excite most people. But, how can one navigate about the game to ensure that they walk out with the best possible outcome? Here are the 5 steps that can help a player reap as much as he/she can:

Use basic strategy

Do not complicate things in the opening few minutes by trying to think like you are a rocket scientist, but approach the game with a simple mindset. Lower the house edge to somewhere between 1 percent to 0.13 percent and by doing so, you will be increasing your chances in the single deck games. A low house edge basically means that the player has the same chance of winning at blackjack as he does on winning, let’s say, a coin toss.

Optimise your bankroll

Make a note in your mind and always remember that the house will always have the advantage in the long run, and though you may win a lot, if you keep on going, the house will find a way to take back what you have won. So, it is vital that a player is able to determine how large their bankroll should be as well as the size of their maximum wager, if they really want to avoid running out of cash.

Know where to play

Be aware of your casino environment, don’t just walk into any table and show your cards. Learn the rules and the type of people who are around you.

Avoid side bets

Casinos love using side bets for one reason only, although the losses to the player may look minimal, they end up losing a lot of cash to the casino.

Understand Blackjack rule variation

The house’s edge is affected even by small changes in the rules, be on the lookout for these changes.