Identify the clumsiest dealers

Always keep an eye out for sloppy dealers, as they are the ones who are most likely to flash their cards face down. Being keen on this can help a player win more at the tables.

Know when to say no

The house will always have an advantage on any table, so if it is roulette and you find yourself winning, you need to stop and run away with what you have before passing the house set limit.

Eyes on the prize

Avoid being distracted by those sexy bikini-clad models; they have been put there deliberately for that purpose. Always ensure you are focused on the game at all times.

Purchase your own drinks

This is a no-brainer; if the house sees that you are on a winning streak, they will start sending drinks your way to make you too drunk to focus on winning anymore. Buy your own drinks and drink in moderate quantities.

Have a nice watch

Casinos want their clients to lose track of time and that is why they have no wall clocks anywhere. This is to make you stay on the floor longer than you want to. Have a watch and keep track of time.

Avoid sitting near light

Stick to the dimly lit side of the table, too many flashing lights are not only a distraction but your opponent can use that to see your cards through the reflection.

Always practice

Practice can make man perfect in anything in this world. The more you practice the better you become at reading the game and increasing your odds.

Go big or go home

In some games, like the slot machines, they require small amounts of cash that are not that profitable. Choose games that allow you to bet the maximum at once.

Exploit nature laws

The constant spinning of the roulette table will eventually make it lose it’s balanced, so take advantage of this.

Don’t play impossible games

Some games offer zero a chance at winning, don’t waste your time playing such games, be smart.