Know the odds

This may sound like a very basic advice but it does make a lot of difference when you visit the table or the slot machines knowing your odds. Being informed is always better than going in blind.

Keep an eye on your cash

Always be aware of your wins and loses, doing constant stock taking is important as it will enable you to be able to tell if you are winning or losing too much.

Online casinos

Before entering a land based casino with all its characteristics it may be a good idea to try out some strategies at a online casino for Canadians.

Know when to stop

Sometimes, luck may be on your side and you may find yourself winning with every card you unfold or with every dice that you roll, however, know when enough is enough because each casino has a limit set for wins and if you surpass this, they will not let you walk away easily. The same applies to losses. Don’t take too much loss, walk away as soon as you feel like you are having a bad day.

Don’t drink too much

If you can avoid drinking altogether then it is even better, but if you have to drink, make sure the drink is bought by you and you regulate the intake. The last thing you would want is to end up losing easy money just because you were a bit too inebriated.

Take regular breaks

Sitting at the table can be physically exhausting. Playing card games or slot machines without taking a break can take a huge toll mentally. It helps a lot to walk around a bit or even stroll outside for 5 minutes to get some fresh air before continuing, it will boost focus and will help with the energy levels.

Cash out when you can

Once you have won enough and decide to call it a day, do yourself a favour and cash out your winnings immediately to avoid the temptation of going back to the table again.